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It is SO important to scrub before you tan!

Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin cells so that the skin is smooth for an even application and fade. We recommend using our ‘Before scrub’- a finely milled water-based scrub, designed specifically for pre-tan preparation.

After scrubbing apply (an oil-free or light) moisturiser, to any dry areas such as around elbows & knees, crease of the forearm and generously onto hands, wrists & feet.

This will ensure your tan will be evenly blended and flawless. High five!

TOP TIPS: Use an ice cube over the front of freshly shaven legs pre-tan to close the pores & always brush your teeth before you tan! Toothpaste is an effective tan stripper.


Tanning with guide-colour

Use either a tanning mitt or a glove and apply tan from the tops of the legs down to the feet in circular motions and work your way up to the arms until you only have your hands and feet to do.

Firstly put the residue or a small amount of tan onto the feet. Finish with a little more moisturiser or clean up the backs of the heels and toes with a makeup wipe if they are extremely dry and catching onto the tan.

Then finish with tanning the fronts of your hands. Finish with moisturiser onto the base of your palms to blur the tan line of the wrists to a flawless natural finish.


Tanning with no guide-colour

Apply Gradual tans like a regular moisturiser. These colourless formulas are best used when topping up a self-tan or an existing real tan.

If not using a mitt or glove, wash hands thoroughly after application then apply sparingly directly onto the back of the hands and rub together to blend.


After Tanning

If tanning with a guide colour overnight, sleep in long loose fitting PJs! This way there will be little to no transfer onto your sheets, this all depends on how hot a night it was and how much you perspire.

Notice any imperfect areas? Don’t worry, these will rinse off after the development time. If you want to be super cautious you can go over areas such as the knuckles & heels with a dry cloth or a makeup wipe, to rub off any residue tan.

It is not recommended to apply self-tan without a mitt or gloves. However if you do, please wash hands every 2 minutes, making sure to wash thoroughly between the fingers and around the nail bed.

UTan And Tone weekly self-tans should be washed off in 4-6 hours but can be left longer for a deeper colour. The Turbo Tan should be rinsed according to the colour results you want to achieve.

Rinse the tan in a cool shower and keep your tan moisturised or topped up with gradual moisturiser to prolong the life of your healthy glow!

Have any further questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our tanning experts, we are here at your service!

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