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UTan And Tone is a Scottish company, manufactured in Britain, using the best natural, cruelty-free ingredients from product to packaging. UTan and Tone is the original and very first tanning brand to combine skin toning and firming properties into self-tan solutions. UTan products were created with skin-care in mind, a hate of pongy smelling tan and a FEAR of orange hues.

What we do

We tan and we tone you and promise to give you a cool natural colour, free from orange hues, streaks and pongy self-tan smells! By using organic, odour-free DHA and body sculpting technology our tans improve skins texture & firmness whilst giving you that just off the beach look . With constant ongoing development from our team of chemists we are committed to bring you the most advanced, natural, sun-less tan on the market.

Connect with us

Catch us over on our social media channels for real life before and after pictures, how to videos and fun opportunities!

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